How to Organize your Table for Eid Al Adha

Every family has its own traditions on how to celebrate Eid. One of the most common traditions is having a family gathering at home. As much as Eid can be festive, having the same routine repeatedly makes it expected rather than exciting. But that does not mean that you must let go of your family tradition and start a new one. On the contrary! Hold on to that tradition but give it a bit of a twist, something that will make everyone look forward to whenever Eid is around the corner. While we decorate the house to give it more Eid and festive vibes, usually, the main star that captures everyone’s eyes and hearts, grownups as well as kids, is the dining table which has all the delicious goods! This is where you can add some twist.
Whether you set the table so that everyone sits around to eat or have it as a buffet, here are few ideas on how to prepare it.
Before anything, you need to keep in mind is to maintain harmony in the way you decide to set the table. This includes the colors, tableware, and decorations you are going to use. If you decorate your house, you can adopt the same vibes for the dining table. You can also get inspiration from your menu, based on the cuisine or the colors of the dishes you are going to prepare.

Laying the foundation with the Table Runner:

Depending on whether you are going to have a buffet or sit around the table, you cannot go without a table runner. You can choose between a table runner that covers the whole table or a narrower one that you can have at the center of the table. Depending on the decorations and tableware, you can choose a table runner having a solid color or a pattern. Keep in mind that you need to keep balance in how you use patterns. If the decorations and tableware already have a strong design, you can opt for a table runner that has solid color or very subtle pattern.

Adding the Center Piece:

This is where we start drawing the scene. There is a variety of options that you can use as a center piece to add to the table. Lanterns are a great option that brings tradition and elegance together in one item. Depending on how the table is set as a buffet or for dining, place a big lantern in a corner or at the center of the table and then have few smaller lanterns distributed around to give a warm feel to the table and the room. You can light the candles before the guests arrive! You can also add flowers or plants here and there as well as small items scattered around like beads. What you need to take into consideration is the height of these decorative items. The center piece should take all the height credit, like a main character, while the rest of the items need to be shorter or smaller, like secondary characters. Again, balance is key.

Setting up the table with Placemats & Tableware:

If your guests are going to sit at the table to eat, here is where you can personalize it a bit! Setting the table is basic. Put the placemats , then the dishes, the cutlery, and napkins. How about a little surprise for the guests? Add a takeaway element, such as a greeting card, a scented candle in a glass, coasters, napkin ring, etc. To customize the item even more, you can add their name on it, if possible.
Spending Eid Al Adha with your loved ones is already a great deal, but with the perfect setup it will be the greatest. Reveal your hospitality skills and make this holiday an unforgettable one!

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