How to store those sneakers

If you are a sports freak and a proud owner of multiple pairs of sneakers, then storage issue is surely one of your biggest raw nerves. Sneakers are expensive and demand great maintenance and care. The trickiest part is that you can wear only one pair at a time and rest of the pairs needs to sit quietly in a storage shelf.

If you fumble and scuffle for your sneakers every morning before stepping out for a jog, then we have a few interesting storage ideas for your prized kicks, to make sure that they never go missing again:

BOX THEM UP: Yes, we are talking about the cardboard boxes in which you carry your sneakers home from the store. If not all, then just a few of them can be retained safely after the purchase. The boxes are sturdy and can be used to store the shoes by stacking up and saving a lot of closet space.

CLEAN BEFORE YOU PACK: After wearing your kicks whole day in a field it is extremely crucial to clean them before you pull them off your feet and dump inside the closet. The dirt and grime, if not wiped off immediately, may become permanent over the time. While cleaning them it is important to follow the instructions given with the product, so that you do not end up spoiling the shoes.

KEEP IT COOL AND DRY: The thumb rule of sneaker storage loudly and clearly says that your sneakers should be stored in a room that is cool and slightly dark. Avoid shoes from a direct exposure of sunlight as it may cause considerable fading and cracking of the shoe.

CUSTOM BUILT SHOE CABINETS: Getting a custom made shoe cabinet to store the sneakers depending on the size, volume and requirement is a great idea to keep your priceless collection safe and clean. The cabinets come in different designs and sizes based on the number of compartments and shelves built in them to store the shoes.

STUFF THEM UP: While stocking your sneakers in the cabinet it is important to stuff them with a crumpled newspaper or cotton cloth. This prevents the toe crease and shape distortion of the shoes which may eventually happen with regular usage and walking.

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