How to Style Your Rooms with Indoor Plants

How to Style Your Rooms with Indoor Plants?

It is well known how important it is to include plants in our spaces, as they play an important role in releasing oxygen, making the air fresh and healthy. Other than that, having an environment where you feel comfortable will make you feel more productive and happier. Therefore, we should always consider having a garden or a small terrace with different types of plants, but what happens with the indoor spaces?

It might sound hard to find the perfect indoor plants, as we need to take into consideration different factors such as the solar lighting they need, where to put them, and how often we need to water them, but believe us, once you find the perfect plants for your space, you will take the décor of your rooms to the next level.

If you are looking only to decorate your indoor rooms without having the responsibility of all the care a natural plant needs, you will always have the option of buying artificial plants. They are simple, lifelike, and require almost no maintenance. Once you decide what type of plant you want to include in your interior decoration, it is time to analyze the best styles for the perfect result.

Refresh the Living Room

For the living room, we recommend using bigger-sized plants with more volume and color. For example, palms are a good option if your style is more tropical, and dieffenbachias are adaptable to almost every space. They can be put beside or behind the sofa, and if you have a set of sofas that connect in the corner, the space left in between would be the perfect spot to add some greenery to your room. You can also add some shelves to the wall with small-sized plants that match the decoration.

Add Elegance to Your Dining Room and Center Table

These are two interesting areas to make your imagination fly. Using vases to add floral centerpieces is always a good idea, as you can use different types of flowers and plants to beautify the atmosphere. For example, a vase of white flowers (roses or tulips) with some candles matches perfectly with sophisticated décor, while a tall transparent vase with vivid pink roses or sunshine flowers will give some interesting vibes to your environment.

Another creative idea is having an indoor green wall, but you might have enough space to not overcharge the visual impact of your living room. You can get some wall panels in the same style to keep the decoration simple or mix and match different colors and shapes to make it more impressive. We recommend using artificial plants for less maintenance, as natural plants will need care and a lot of attention.

Keep It Simple for Bathrooms and Mirror Tables

Orchids are perfect for bathrooms and mirror tables; they add a touch of elegancy and harmony, and you can match them with the colors of your decoration or break the color palette with an interesting contrast. If you prefer something different, try gathering some plants in bamboo baskets or minimalistic pots on shelves.

Hang Some Plants Around Your Bedroom

Having an orchid also works well for one of the side tables in the bedroom, but for something more interesting, try some hanging plants around your bed, making sure to use good lighting for a better impression.

Shelves with different sized pots or wall-mounted plants are good options for bedrooms too, especially if we do not have sufficient space. You can always put them next to books, ornaments, or souvenirs you got from your last trip. If you have enough area, you can opt for medium-sized plants distributed throughout the room.


Some houses have an empty space under the stairs, and a good way to fill it is to get tables and vases of varied sizes and play with a diversity of plants. Mix some ornamental plants, create a bookshelf, and take advantage of that space that we usually ignore to give some energy and greenery to your house.

Always remember that your home is your temple, and you do not need a huge quantity of plants to make it shine. Identify those empty spots, be open to some changes, and enjoy the beautiful process of decorating your interiors!

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