The importance of having a neat & tidy living space

The importance of having a neat & tidy living space

Nowadays the living room often needs to work as more than just a living room. Your living room is where you share the story of who you are. Your living room furniture helps you do that – with lots of ways to show off the things you’ve done and the places you’ve been. This way you can easily share your experience with your favourite people. It is a place where we bond with each other in front of the television or plainly conversing with each other. A family’s idea of a neat and tidy living room will depend largely on the type of furniture that they want to place in this part of the house. In terms of finances, living room furniture can be a one-purchase affair to many families. Because living room furniture often times stay in the house for long years before it is replaced. It is therefore important to plan well what furniture to place in the living room before buying them.

It’s also probably where you read, play, craft, watch movies and entertain your guests. With so much going on, it’s no wonder it can be difficult to keep the living room looking neat.

Slow the pace of entry by placing a bench to sit on to take off your shoes, hooks and floating shelves on the wall, a sofa table with storage below and a tray for collecting mail.

The importance of having a neat & tidy living space

Be your own interior designer, visualize your living room, think what colour do you want? What furniture material suits your living room best? What kind of mood do you want to have in your living room? Choose coffee and side tables with a lower shelf. You can spread out your things when you’re home alone, and then stack it up and stash it on the bottom shelf when company comes. If you include modular sofa in your living room furniture, the possibilities are endless as you can use it for seating, sleeping and storage. A storage ottoman or bench is also a good idea to store media, games, magazines and even shoes inside that. The key is to use it to hide the things that usually look messy when scattered all over your living room. If that means you use drawer organizers inside your ottoman and keep junk-drawer stuff in there, so be it!
Dedicate one big sized basket to house periodicals, and commit to weeding out old issues when they no longer comfortably fit in the container.

Create a permanent living room storage space for toys, crafts, games and so on. If you need to make room first, take out items that are not frequently used in the living room. Books that you want to keep but that no one is likely to read again anytime soon could go on shelves in a bedroom, for instance.

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