Inexpensive Ways To Give Your Home A New Look

Inexpensive ways to give your home a new look

Spruce up your home decor without draining the wallet. Revamping your home decor needn’t always be a major project and you don’t always have to spend a king’s ransom to do it. Here are few ways to give your rooms a fresh look without disturbing your budget.

Go for a Triptych Painting- The trio of panelled art has become very popular in the recent years. Commission a custom piece, download free art from the web, print an extra-large image at a local printer and cut the image into three equal parts to fit into three frames. Mount them together on the wall and your own triptych painting is ready.

Create an illusion– The bigger the rug area the bigger the room looks. The neutral palette, mirror behind the sofa and big rug together make the small room appear bigger.

Less is more classy– Instead of jamming shelves with full of knickknacks, go for minimalistic look. Turn unused space into a functional reading space.

Odd one stands out- Paint one wall of dark colour. This wall should be generally the wall behind the bed. It gives warmth to the room and gives it a polished look. Wallpaper can also quickly add a new dimension to the room.  Check out the difference in cost and go for the one that suits your pocket and style.

Room with a view- If you have a good view from the house then don’t be afraid to put window treatment.  Frame the view with neutral curtain so the eye is drawn towards the window. To enjoy the view nicely you can even add a sofa next the window and a cocktail table in front of it.

Inexpensive Ways To Give Your Home A New Look

Eclectic Mix– Decorate room with natural palettes and add pops of colour and texture with accessories.  Make the room a fusion of two eras by mix and match furniture of two different styles.

A classic display of family heritage- Create a gallery wall of family photos and other small pictures in matching (or contrasting) frames, arranged in a collage on a large wall such as a stairwell or hallway.

Welcome Home- Spruce up your entrance by painting your front door a cheerful colour. Pair it with a new lighting fixture, mailbox and house numbers.

Paint it different – Paint the insides of bookshelves in an unexpected colour or paint your ceiling a lighter version of the wall colour.

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