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Inspired living: Make your bathroom an elegant spa with these 3 tips

Your master bathroom is neat and tidy, and completely functional – but you’re bored. Imagine recreating the spa-like feel of a relaxing retreat without breaking the bank. Interested? Here are some absolutely doable ideas from IKEA, whether you’re thinking of an entire overhaul or just specific areas of your bathroom.

Go crazy with colour

To recreate that serene spa-like feel, use a lot of white on the walls, linen, or accessories in your bathroom. At IKEA, we believe that white adds sophistication and personality, so go all out! Place fluffy towels within reach, and tufted mats in front of the toilet or sink and outside the shower or tub.

If you don’t want to go all white, then get some solid colours to add some zing and contrast. Don’t forget green! Adding plants, whether real or artificial, guarantees a relaxed spa-like atmosphere. Top it off with some scented candles, an absolute must for a relaxing spa bath.

Bring some light into the space

A chandelier or pendant light over your bathtub will give the whole room a tranquil spa-like feel and IKEA has plenty of options for you to choose from. If you’re not the chandelier type, get a string of filament lights together. These add a beautiful earthiness and rustic feel to the décor.

Another nice touch is to try LED lights around your mirror, or even a mirror with integrated lighting. You can even play with a spotlight or two and train it on a plant or a vase in a corner to up the zen-like quotient.

Jazz up the storage

Another element that evokes a spa atmosphere is for the room to have a clean, elegant look, without any clutter. To achieve this, choose a combination of open and closed storage cabinets and racks from our vast IKEA range, so all your lotions and materials are organised and displayed neatly.

Keep these displays around the washbasin and tub or shower areas because that’s where you’ll use the products. Invest in a big mirror with storage. The benefit is two-fold – your bathroom will appear bigger visually because of the big mirror and you can put away things you don’t want to be displayed behind it.

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