The holy month is an important time for Muslims all around the world. Streets, stores and almost all spaces outside are embellished with lights and ornaments throughout to celebrate the Holy Month. Why not do the same with your home?

Changing your immediate environment to a comfortable and welcoming space for you and your loved ones is one of the many ways to commemorate the holy month. The key is to make the area where you receive guests special by creating an ambience that is focused on tradition.

You don’t need to go overboard and give your home a full makeover, though. Remember: little elements go a long way.

Here are several ways you can introduce small enhancements to your existing interiors to get Ramadan ready.

  1. Traditional serve-ware

    Add an extra bit of flair to your Iftar table with beautiful serve-ware.

    Arabic coffee is a preferred beverage for breaking fasts this time of year for many guests. So, make sure to invest in an ornate coffee pot, a traditional set of cups and saucers and a beautiful serving stand.

    IKEA has an array of Arabic art and floral-patterned serve ware that you can pair with your favourite kitchenware to create that perfect ambience.

  2. Lights and lanterns

    Lanterns and lights are commonly used as a symbol of the advent of Ramadan around the world. It’s time to bring some of that illumination into your home too! Lights are a wonderful way to bring joy to grown-ups and little ones alike.

    Go for ornamental lanterns and pendant lights to add renewed energy to a room.

    Lamps placed at strategic places add brightness and an extra layer of warmth as well.

    Nooks and occasional tables illuminated with electrical tea lights are also a good idea.

  3. Comfortable seating

    You have all of the lights, so comfortable seating is the icing on the cake!

    Get your home Ramadan ready for the long hours of fasting and the large family dinners and get-togethers at Iftar.

    You could invest in patterned pouffes and comfortable sofa cushions. And if you have guests who prefer sitting on the floor in the traditional style, make sure to have some intricate rugs laid out.

  4. Oud burners

    It is super important to keep your house smelling fresh during Ramadan, making it a more inviting space for all.

    You can pick the fragrances you fancy more, or ones that suit your mood.

    IKEA offers a range of diffusers, candles, and fragrance oils that will keep your house smelling divine this Ramadan.

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