Often, the best way to upcycle a familiar space is to take it back to its roots. IKEA designers have long championed the idea that traditional designs executed with modern sophistication are an irresistible combination.

This Ramadan, let’s explore the quintessential Arabian Majlis and see how you can recreate one in your home, infusing history with some modern touches.

What is a Majlis?

A majlis is a centuries-old Arab tradition of creating seating areas where guests would be received and welcomed. It roughly means “a place to sit”. Majlis designs are always simple and down to earth, and can be embellished to suit your need for luxury and opulence.

Here are some key elements you need to keep in mind if you’re looking to create an Arabic-inspired majlis:

1. Keep It Cozy

Your majlis doesn’t have to be very large, but it should definitely spark a feeling of comfort.

Majlises often involve low seating, so you can buy floor cushions interspersed with low-slung sofas or futons. Just make sure to keep it cosy, without large gaps between the furniture.

A key element is a coffee table that’s big enough to serve food and beverages on, with enough room to walk around it.

2. Keep It Tech-Free

A majlis is all about hospitality and togetherness, so do make sure the area doesn’t have a large-screen TV taking up space.

Instead, have a beautiful piece of art, a bookshelf with your favourite titles, or even a traditional sculpture or wall-hanging as attention-drawing elements.

3. Keep It Elegant

Hand-embroidered pillow covers, rugs in warm colours and traditional lighting fixtures are all essential to the feel of your modern majlis.

Geometric prints in metallic colours like gold and copper are an excellent addition – think gold lanterns, metallic coasters, maybe even a geometric centre table.

IKEA’s Ramadan collection has numerous options you can explore online.

4. Keep It Warm

Dot your modern majlis with warm and inviting colours, with bright lighting so everyone can see each other clearly.

Rich fabrics and natural materials add an earthy, rustic touch, and don’t forget indoor plants for a pop of colour and life.

5. Keep It Private

An important aspect of a traditional majlis is that it is a private space.

If you can’t have a separate door for your majlis-inspired area, consider placing a rug at the entrance to space, to mark it as being separate from the rest of the house.

With these simple tips, you’re now ready to welcome guests in impeccable Arabian style.

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