At IKEA, we know how important keeping your little ones happy is. Giving them a comfortable space for them to play and relax in is of paramount importance.

Here are some ideas if you are thinking of changing up the décor in their bedrooms for the new year.

  1. Sailing the Seas

    A lot of kids enjoy the themes of the sea. You can work with a lot if this is the theme you are going for: pirate ships and treasure chests to mermaids and other sea creatures. You will be bringing the seas right to their bedrooms.

    Paint the walls in tones of blue to make them look like the sea, and use textiles to match, with prints of sea creatures. Purchase a chest for the corner of the room where they can put their toys so that they have their own treasure chest.

  2. Toy Story

    Kids love having things on display, especially their toys so they can show it off to their friends and family. Put in some shelves behind the bed frame and showcase vintage toys among the new ones from your kids favourite collection.

    Textiles that match these toys and characters are simple yet effective way to keep your little ones happy!

  3. Fun Colours

    It’s all about the colours and shapes for kids! Your little one might enjoy pastel colours or even much bolder shades, so here is the perfect way to liven up their room for the new year so they remain inspired!

    Colours are not only for the walls and wallpaper but for textiles and furniture around the room too.

  4. A Treehouse

    Whether they enjoy impersonating a monkey or love the idea of the forest and all its creatures, they will definitely love a treehouse as their bedroom.

    Designers at IKEA think you can get creative when it comes to painting the walls – like the treehouse can look over almost any landscape, from a thick, canopied forest to a city skyline.

    Greens, whites and earthy tones might become your best friend here, and this is the perfect opportunity to put a hammock in too!

  5. Zoo Trip

    Does your child like animals? Then a zoo-themed bedroom with decorations such as zebra print wallpaper and animal prints are the way to go!

    Lampshades and little ornaments that are shaped like animals are great for filling up the side tables, adding to their wonder and imagination!

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