The New Year calls for new things, and maybe some of your friends are eyeing some fancy for their kitchen or saving up to upgrade. So why not make their year by getting them something nice for the kitchen?

  1. Coffee Maker

    Everyone appreciates a warm cup of coffee, so if your friend has just moved in to a new home or even if you just want to gift them something that will last for a long time, a coffee maker will make them very happy, especially if they are coffee lovers!

    They might already have one, so you might want to make sure you are getting them an upgrade. At IKEA, we have tons of coffee makers and accessories that you can include in your gift.

  2. Cheeseboard

    Whether your best friend is an expert in all things cheese, or just likes displaying things beautifully, this is the perfect gift for them.

    Cheeseboards lead to stylish snacking and are great for when everyone is around and there’s a lot of choice! Your friend doesn’t have to pick and choose between their favourites any longer: they can just display them all.

  3. Indoor Grill

    Umm, tasty grilled food all year long? A big yes! That friend of yours who gets the grill out on many days through the year and invites everyone over for a cookout will appreciate this very much.

    A great way for vegetables or meat to be grilled indoors without a worry about the weather or little bugs getting to the food. Perhaps get one with a clear lid so that they can keep an eye on the food while they do other things.

  4. Stylish Serveware

    A great present so that they can present in style! Make your friend’s life more convenient and stylish by buying them serveware in a design and colour you know they are going to cherish.

    Stoneware and enameled cookware are the best of the best, and here at IKEA we have numerous collections you can choose from. Multi-functional serveware should also be taken into consideration.

  5. Never-Dull Knives

    At IKEA, we appreciate a good knife that does its job for a long time to come, even if you use it daily.

    Gift a cool set of knives and your friend will be super grateful every time they are chopping away at their mountains of vegetables, fruit and meat.

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