Have a kitchen with a look you’ve always wanted

Have a kitchen with a look you’ve always wanted!

It’s easier to install, more functional and gives you more choices than ever before at a great price. So now you can create the dream kitchen for your home instead of waiting to find the dream home for your kitchen.

Get creative with your layouts and think about integrating your cooker and hob into the worktop! Don’t think of it as losing worktop space, see it as gaining a contemporary built in hob!

Modern functional kitchen spaces are increasingly identifiable by their demonstrable lack of separation between them and dining spaces. Make all the available space work for you, like open plan living allows for far less wasted potential and it looks great too!

Organisation is important in a kitchen. Keep frequent flavours to hand. Being able to find essentials quickly saves time and makes cooking feel more spontaneous. Dedicate space to whatever makes your daily routines easier. Keep dinnerware in the open as it becomes easy for guests to set the table or prepare food with open storage. Good organisation goes a long way towards making the space a joy to spend time in functional and beautiful.

Use open and closed storage, a versatile kitchen cart, small customizations and labelling to create a comfortable, functional and inspiring space to cook in. Even something as simple as choosing Knobs and handles for cabinets and drawers can freshen the look of your kitchen and make a dramatic difference in how you feel spending time there while you are cooking . Use hooks as they are space-saving way to add to your storage, while helping to keep it ordered. One tend to hang essentials and items that are awkward to store in drawers or on shelves.

For a more contemporary style add some rich wood cabinets and smooth stone countertops. You can shift the planes of your countertops, and create lots of patterns and texture that can go well with your overall house design.

If a rustic theme is in your mind then put in a few ceiling beams, knotty pine custom cabinets, and deep shades of brown accented with different colors.

Find new uses for old containers. Full of small ideas for upcycling while organising, from vintage teacups used as measuring cups to bottles for spices.

Combine small storage by putting spices and flavourings in small jars and keeping them on a tray as they look tidy this way. You can even move them all easily if you need to clean the work surface or cook in another area of the kitchen. Besides cooking, eating, and entertaining, you will need a way to store many items.

Complete your kitchen’s look with a gorgeous dining table and stylish chairs.

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