5 major benefits of LED lighting

5 Major Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting is the clearly future of household lighting. Gone are the days of using incandescent lights. LEDs are way more energy efficient, long-lasting and a clean source of lighting. Let us look at 5 major benefits of using this lighting.

Energy Efficient-

LED lights are highly energy efficient. They use about 80-90% of the electric energy and convert it to light. The rest is lost in heat. Comparatively, their incandescent counterparts use only 20% energy for lighting, and the rest 80% is lost in the form of heat. Hence, incandescent lights end up consuming much more electricity than LED lights. You will see the difference yourself how the power usage has reduced drastically just in a few months of using LEDS. It will significantly show in your electricity bills.


LED lights can last anywhere between 20-30 years, depending on the type you buy and your usage. Apart from that, they do not burn out or stop working altogether like standard lights after a considerable amount of years. They just get less bright.


These lights are highly durable and can withstand the harshest conditions. Since they are not made up of glass and filaments like traditional lights, they do not break easily and can withstand shock, vibration and extreme climatic conditions. Hence, they are known to be great outdoor lights as well. Also, they do not give out heat and become hot either, so can be placed anywhere near textiles or in the kitchen area without any fear of damage.


These lights do not contain any harmful toxic materials and are 100% recyclable. Most fluorescent lights contain mercury and other substances that are dangerous for the environment. Apart from that, as mentioned earlier, the long-lasting nature of LED lights makes one LED light save material and production cost of up to 25 incandescent lights. Lastly, LED lights emit a negligible amount of UV rays compared to its other counterparts.


LED lights are known to be initially expensive, however, in the long run, with less energy consumption and more durability, these lights turn out to be highly profitable. And with IKEA’s LEDARE and RYET LED light bulb range, you won’t even feel the pinch of price as they are extremely economical.

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