Love that feeling of indulgence and luxury you get when you step into the bathroom of a stunning hotel or even a spa? With a few small touches, you can channel exactly those feelings into your own bathroom as well!

Let’s take a closer look.

Clean it up

Begin by hiding away those day-to-day essentials that don’t look too pretty when they are left out on the counters. More than anything, premium bathrooms always have that clean, well-ordered look that you’re going for here.

A place to sit

A comfortable little chair in the bathroom is a little luxury we overlook. Whether you’re a parent overseeing bath time, or just someone who loves to read a bit while the tub fills, this is an ideal solution.

IKEA has a variety of benches and chairs you can explore, and pick the best one that suits your available space.

Elegant rugs

Mismatched bath rugs are to be forgotten now! A sleek, graceful rug will add a refined touch to your bathroom.

If your bathroom is fairly neutral, a patterned design will lift the space and provide a cosy spot for your cold feet in the mornings.

Make sure to place a non-slip underlay to avoid any accidents!

A light fitting

A beautiful wall lamp installed in the place of a normal recessed light will work wonders, and will make your bathroom swiftly change from bland to beautiful.

If you don’t feel the need to make such a massive addition, then a simple cluster of scented candles will set the mood just right.

The towels

How you choose to display your towels – and which ones you pick – is an underrated part of the overall aesthetic.

Opt for fluffy white or pastel towels in soft materials and make sure you have them neatly folded or rolled on the shelves – you’ll get that spa feel in no time!

Bath caddy

Whether you are taking a shower or soaking in the tub, everyone needs a bath bridge or caddy in their bathrooms.

This is a handy way of keeping toiletries, candles or even magazines or books without having to balance everything on the edges of your tub.

A display

Hotels and spas have a signature style that they maintain throughout their rooms, and you can replicate this with your own arrangement of accessories.

Clear away the clutter into drawers and simply keep a select number of things in a curated display.

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