We all wish for a little more space, whether for a home office, a space for exercise, or a place where guests can feel at home too. Moving to a bigger house may be a solution, but the increase in square footage most often comes with a higher price tag that a lot of us can’t afford.

The solution: space-saving furniture! Put simply, use furniture that serves a dual purpose – you’ll save space and get double the functionality.

Here are some of the best hacks from IKEA’s décor experts, showing you a smarter way to use the space you already have.

Kool kitchens

  • Most kitchens are L-shaped to maximize floor space. If you’re willing to give that up for functionality, you should absolutely go the ‘kitchen island’ way.
  • Islands are a great way to add additional amenities like a refreshment unit or keep things like toasters and other appliances off the main worktop. They also come in handy for that additional bit of extra storage.
  • They’re also cool places where the family can come together, grab a workday meal, do homework, or just hang out and chat while cooking.

Lively living rooms

  • Create that home office you’ve always wanted, with a table that can double up as a work desk by day, while transforming into a serving table for beverages and snacks during those get-together nights with friends.
  • Use those unusable corners for storing CDs, books, or just about anything that can be displayed – go with one of IKEA’s standout wall shelves to complete the look.
  • Place a leaning ladder against a little-used wall – it works beautifully as vertical storage and you’ve just upped the glam quotient.

Brilliant bathrooms

  • Got a small bathroom? Don’t let it squeeze you. Consider going vertical with an adjustable drying rack in the shower, which can be raised away from sight when you want to take a soak in the tub.
  • Get your storage-less pedestal wash basin to work for you by sewing a cover that matches or contrasts with the room, and attaching it under. Voila! Instant out-of-sight storage for a song.
  • If you’ve got kids, get a step stool with storage. It’ll help your toddlers reach the sink and double up as storage for all their bath-time toys.

So, whether you live in a condo or villa, a studio or a one-bedroom apartment, these space-saving furniture hacks from IKEA will ensure ultimate functionality coupled with sophistication.

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