A living room makeover

A living room makeover, changing only three affordable products

The living room is the most hardworking room in the house. We spend most of our time here lounging, reading, watching TV or entertaining guests. So, this room needs a makeover sooner or later as it can get quite boring to look at.

You don’t have to go all out to give this room a makeover. Just by replacing three affordable products, this room can get a brand-new look. Let us find out how.

Sofa: A sofa is the most important element in the living room as it holds the whole room together. By changing the sofa, your living room will have a drastic change. You can either replace the sofa or change its upholstery. IKEA has a large variety of stylish yet affordable ones to choose from.

To add a bit of drama to your living room, you can choose from vibrant ones like Knopparp series. However, if elegance is more like your taste then go for Norsborg or Kivik range of sofa sets. Furthermore, you could also add a fun element in your living room, by adding the Spridd collection of bean bag and cushion covers.

Coffee table: A coffee table is right in the middle of your living room. And it is not only a decorative addition to your living room, but it also provides functionality. So, replace this one with an eye-catching one and give your living room an instant facelift. Furthermore, you can add beautiful accessories, candles, vases or books on your brand-new coffee table and create a style success.

Textile and rugs: This one is the easiest way to give your living room a makeover. It is a truly no-brainer. Throw in a few colourful pillows and add a beautiful rug and voila! Your new living room is ready!

By just making these three changes, your living room is sure to be a treat to the eye! So, go ahead, get creative and make these changes mentioned above. Your living room is sure to thank you!

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