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How to Make Bedside Storage Pockets for Small Rooms

Do you have a very small room? Maybe you live in a dorm room with no space. Maybe you don’t have a nightstand next to your bed. With a few simple items, you can create unique beside storage pockets to store all your bedside things.

These special pockets let you store things you need next to your bed. You can put books, water bottles, and glasses inside. The pockets have lots of room for your bedside things.

You can also move the pockets up or down. That way, they will fit no matter how high or low your bed is! These pockets are a very helpful way to add storage space in your bedroom.

What You Need:

1. A measuring tape
2. Scissors
3. A hanging shoe organizer with pockets

How to Make Bedside Pockets:

beside storage pockets
Bed beside storage pockets
  1. First, you need to measure. See how many rows of pockets can hang from your bed to the floor. Most beds fit one row hanging down. If your bed is up high on risers, you may fit more rows. You also need one extra row to tuck under your mattress. So you will need at least two rows of pockets total. Measure carefully. This tells you how much to cut the pocket organizer.
  2. Remember the measurements you took. Get your scissors ready. Look at the back part of the pocket organizer. Cut straight across this back area. Be careful! Don’t cut through the actual pockets. Keep cutting across the back until you have two or three rows of pockets left. How many rows you need depends on how high your bed is. If your bed is higher, you may need three rows. If it’s lower, two rows might be enough.
  3. Take one row of the pockets you cut. Tuck it under your mattress, between the mattress and the bed frame. The other row(s) of pockets should hang down from the bed. Let them hang all the way down to the floor.
  4. Do you have more rows of pockets left? Use them to get even more storage! Take the extra rows and tuck one under the mattress again. Let the other rows hang down too. Now you have double or maybe even triple the hanging pockets for storage!
  5. Now it’s time to fill up your new hanging pockets! Put things you need at bedtime inside. You can put water bottles, books, and magazines in the pockets. Also put in lip balm, reading glasses, and anything else you use before bed.

Under Your Bed Storage:

The space under your bed is great for things you don’t use often, like winter clothes. Under the bed has lots of room for big items too.

But don’t just put stuff under there! Put it in plastic bins first. This stops dust from getting on your things.

Make More Under-Bed Space:

You can make more space under your bed by using risers. Risers lift your bed up higher. You can buy risers, or make your own!

To make risers, use thick wood blocks of the same size. Put one under each bed leg. Make sure the blocks have a hole to fit the leg in so they don’t move.

Roll-Away Under-Bed Drawer:

You can also make a roll-away drawer to go under the bed! Use a lightweight bookcase for this. First, attach wheels to the back corners of the bookcase. Next, add handles on the long side. Then lay the bookcase down and roll it under the bed. Now you have a divided drawer for storage!


With these DIY unique beside storage pockets you can keep your bedroom organized. These pockets are best for storing books, bottles, glasses, and all other essentials by maximizing the space under your bed. Try these simple tips to make a neat and creative storage solution.

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