Your balcony need not just be the place where you hang your clothes to dry and keep a few plants. With efficient storage options, you can create a space that is both useful and easy to hang out in no matter the size.

The experts at IKEA believe in things that are both practical and fun, so here are four ideas for you to explore when decking out your balcony to its full capacity!

Double-duty furniture

Furniture that doubles as storage is a blessing in disguise, especially if you are dealing with a limited amount of space in your balcony or porch.

IKEA has a range of comfortable benches that come equipped with storage underneath. Browse through them online and pick the best option for your balcony’s size!

With these, you can keep pillows, throws and other less-used outdoor items, while maintaining the aesthetic of your balcony.

The walls 

Walls are usually the overlooked part of an area when it comes to storage solutions. Install a wall rack one side of the balcony, where you can keep items away from the natural elements.

Another trick is to stack on clear boxes and other storage compartments inside the wall rack, so that smaller items such as tools and accessories can be kept there.

This way, you can protect sun damage as well as wear and tear, and still have lots of space left to carry out other activities.

Laundry day

A lot of us aren’t big fans of doing laundry, but a bit of change in scenery might help make the task a bit more bearable.

We recommend adding a combination of both open and closed storage so that you have space to keep everything in the right places. A couple of sturdy storage boxes, a laundry basket and a drying rack will complete the package, giving your home a sustainable addition that you might not have considered before.

Carts out!

Cooking outside is still possible – yes, even with a small balcony! A spacious cart with a work surface that you can use to prepare food is essential.

Cabinets and furniture with storage underneath will allow you to keep food and herbs within reach so that you don’t have to keep rushing inside when cooking.

The cart can either be moved to the side when not in use or taken inside. Make sure to set up some dining furniture so that you can enjoy your food outside in the cooler months!

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