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The simple minimalist aesthetic is more notably known for its serene colour palettes and simple, clean lines. Maximalism is its twin, breathing life into a space with interiors brimming with bright, pops of colours, layered patterns and statement pieces.

We decided to put together a list of ways, with the help of designers at IKEA, in which you can bring in the ‘more-is-more’ element to your home, so read on!

1. The Urban Flat

A bold combination is at the heart of every maximalist space.

Combining bold colours and textures against a contrasting brick wall example brings ‘urban’ right in through your doorstep.

Enhance the eclectic ambience with a mix of mismatched coloured seating while anchoring the room with a patterned rug of earthy hues to balance out the bright colours.

2. Graphic and Bold

Using bright white walls will set the stage for an explosion of patterns and colour from furniture and textiles.

Pick a distinct pattern for the curtains, rugs and other textiles, blending them together beautifully.

Make sure to offset them with something of a solid colour, like a patterned curtain against a crisp white wall or colourful pillows against solid-coloured furnishings.

For all these items, IKEA has numerous collections you can explore and choose from.

3. Dressing walls

The more-is-more trend is at an ultimate peak when you dress up the walls.

Wallpaper, statement pieces, ornaments and framed photos will contrast well with a leather couch, for example.

Choose chic mirrors or décor accessories and carefully curate them to amplify the plain elements of your home.

4. In the ceiling

Nothing says drama like a wallpapered ceiling!

Decorating your ‘fifth wall’ is an amazing way to introduce maximalism any room in your home.

We recommend trying this out in your dining room and topping it off with a statement lighting fixture!

5. Black accents

Saturation is at its best here! We suggest this for a bedroom where you can offset a frothy white headboard with a black accent wall.

Add in some eclectic decorations and you’ll be taking bohemian chic to a new level.

6. Graphic prints

Make Andy Warhol proud with this décor idea!

Pop-art and polka dot wallpaper? It’s the perfect backdrop for a room that can be crowned the queen of maximalism.

The surrounding décor and interior can hold down the fort with woodsy colours and lighter palettes of colour to offset the brightness of the walls.

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