Modern Vs Casual Décor: What’s the Difference?

The words “modern” and “casual” get thrown around a lot when describing interior decoration styles. However, they are not the same. Both modern and casual décor styles have rich backgrounds and come with unique characteristics that need to feature prominently.

So how can you tell the difference between Modern and Casual décor? We asked IKEA’s designers and they pointed out the crucial differences:

Exposed elements vs sophisticated simplicity

Modern décor often has structural elements like concrete beams and wooden planks left exposed. It works well with the clean, symmetrical lines that the modern aesthetic incorporates, and mostly uses neutral tones.

Casual décor, on the other hand, does not accept pretentiousness or any kind of stuffiness. It’s all about blending sophisticated chic with sensible simplicity. The essence of this style involves comfort, freedom, convenience and coziness – think of a large cotton-upholstered sofa in a pastel color, for instance.

Clean lines vs eclectic abandon

Modern design places heavy emphasis on the functionality of its pieces. All the elements, therefore, have an element of straight lines with close to no curves and absolutely no fuss or fluff.

Casual décor, on the other hand, is all about comfort. Furniture is usually arranged in a way that cuts off sharp corners, and there is liberal use of flea-market finds, antiques and treasured heirlooms.

Neutral palettes vs mix-and-match

Modern décor utilizes a distinctly neutral color scheme – think beiges, charcoal grey, dark brown, deep gold, etc. Alternating between dark and light neutral colors with the same undertones usually creates the most balanced look, but often a monochromatic scheme is the easiest and most stylish way to incorporate a neutral color palette.

Contrasting colors and mixed-and-matched schemes are the norms with casual décor. Navy, olive green, rust or mustard yellow are just some of the colors that can be used to accent the wicker or rattan furniture that is characteristic of the style.

Unadorned windows vs layered curtains

Modern décor celebrates large windows that can flood a room with light, and as such, do not find it important to use blinds or curtains.

Casual décor utilizes a lot of blinds or shades, enhanced with fabric curtains. You can use contrasting liners here, to add a touch of playfulness and warmth.

IKEA’s extensive collections of home furniture feature several stunning examples of both modern and casual décor, so make sure you browse through them to gain a deeper understanding. Happy decorating!

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