Mother’s Day: Gifts Based on Hobbies and Interests

Gifting is hard, we understand. That’s why we suggest that this year you make your Mother’s Day extra memorable by gifting her something that she can use for her favourite hobby or interest – or potentially spark a new one!

This celebration is the perfect one to show her that she means the world to you. Lucky for you, the folks over at IKEA have a few suggestions that can help you out.

A Reading Nook

If your mom loves reading books, a perfect cosy setup would be ideal to further nurture her interest and make her happy.

Think of setting aside a quiet corner of the house as a reading nook. Place a comfortable armchair there and pair it with a classy but affordable bookshelf.

You can cosy up the place even more with some scented candles, and we can guarantee your mom will be over the moon with this wonderful setup.


Growing plants takes a lot of time and patience – attributes our beloved mothers have in spades. So why not consider gifting her a set of plant pots and pot holders to develop her green thumb?

You can enhance your gift by getting her a selection of trellises, gardening tools or other nice accessories, including outdoor shelves and lighting in case she wants to create a green corner there.

IKEA has a full collection of all types of gardening materials, so make sure you check them out for some nice ideas!

For the Cinephile

If your dear mother has taken up an interest in movies, consider amplifying her viewing experience with a new setup.

Gift her a new and wonderful TV storage unit, complete with shelves. She can use it to store her DVDs or BluRays – if she prefers the old-school method – otherwise, she can simply use them for décor.

Couple that with an intricate LED lighting setup, and she’ll have her very own home cinema.

Pickling Jars

This gift would be ideal for the foodie mom that likes to experiment with new things around the kitchen. The first step to becoming a pro at pickling is, of course, to purchase a set of pickling jars.

All you have to do is gift her such a set, and with a few more supplies here and there, she will be ready to start off her pickling journey.

And that’s it! With these creative ideas, you’re sure to make your mom’s day a sweet one this year!

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