During the Holy Month of Ramadan, the kitchen is a crucial and busy place, thanks to those elaborate Iftars and sumptuous Suhoors. So, this season, make your kitchen time much more efficient with some must-have kitchenware.

With these essentials in place, you can enjoy a good meal after a long day of fasting!

  1. A new range of cookware

    Preparing lots of food calls for investing in a new range of cookware that will make your food great and give it those amazing aromas.

    The IKEA catalogue of kitchenware offers a range of cookware that is both sustainable and easy to handle, in various styles and colours to best suit your needs.

  2. Inserts

    Staying on theme with smart cooking, IKEA’s range of kitchenware includes different types of inserts that let you steam or boil different foods at the same time!

    Pasta inserts, for example, can also be used as colanders, making cooking so much more convenient and saving you space in the kitchen.

  3. Mandolin slicers

    A vegetable slicer will save you tons of time, with the key being in buying one that is easy to use.

    Making quick salads, garnishing and regular slicing can be done easier and in large amounts.

  4. Food storage

    You might want to get a head start on the cooking and prepare some dishes in advance that you can freeze or refrigerate. Consider food storage containers that will help keep food fresh, be it leftovers or foods stored for later.

    Make sure to invest in some transparent food containers so you can see what is inside and stock up before you run out.

    From spice jars to jars with lids, it better to stock up than go searching for storage at the last minute!

  5. Bakeware

    You will surely be getting your mittens on for some heavy baking this Ramadan.

    Having the right ovenware and baking tins in a few shapes and sizes will save you a lot of time when preparing for Iftar.

    Oven dishes made of stoneware have proven to be the best option, baking your delicious recipes into beautiful, tasty meals that can be served right to the table.

  6. Kitchen shelves

    These are not exactly kitchenware, but you need somewhere to keep all your utensils and pots and pans!

    Cooking is so much easier when things are within easy reach, so make sure you get some steady kitchen shelves that allow you more time to enjoy preparing all your wonderful recipes!

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