New decor trends in the UAE you need to know

Advances and new trends are shaking up every industry, and interior design is no exception. Every year brings new home décor ideas, thoughts and styles that you can implement to give your interiors an edge and wow your guests at the same time!

Our homes are a reflection of us and what better way to showcase who we are than through IKEA’s décor ideas and products? Here are some

key home decoration trends making the rounds in the UAE

this year – plus some easy ways in which you can incorporate them in your home.

Ultimate ultra

  • Ultraviolet is 2018’s ‘color of the year’. So, go bold and add touches of this blue-based purple shade in the form of a cushion, a vase, or some rugs and wall art.
  • Or contrast with neutral colors and add an ultraviolet curtain to change the magnetism of a room entirely.

Energetic rooms

  • More than the aesthetics, the energy of the room has become the focal point this year – it’s all about how you feel in that space.
  • Our pick? Go for yellows, which are great for a subtle feeling of happiness.
  • Or, if you want a more serene ambience, try pale blues and greens.
  • You can paint a wall, upholster a sofa, or just get rugs, photo frames and curtains in the colors that work for you.

Green force

  • Bring nature back into your home! Instead of scattering indoor plants around, create large groupings that will turn them into a sensational feature or go all out with a living wall.
  • Whether you choose to hang plants from the ceiling or place them on the kitchen counter, bathrooms, and the dining table in plant pots, they’re a trend that’s worth incorporating to inject new life into your homes.

Real is in

  • People are moving away from most things mass-produced – art, accessories, accents, antiques… It’s all about the story behind them now.
  • Look for innovative, one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your style or appeal to you personally.
  • Try new artists, recycled furniture stores, or just scour the net for those ‘as unique as possible’ pieces that you can show-off.
  • You can always just DIY and create something funky with IKEA’s extensive range of wall stickers and photo frames – it’ll tell a story and you’ll have fun while you’re at it.

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