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Nice Decorations and Comfort Don’t Clash

If you are under the impression that you can’t have a nice décor and comfort in your home at the same time, then think again. Every home requires physical and visual comfort. Just one is not enough. And believe us, they do not clash. With a few straightforward and cost-effective ways, you can make your physically comfortable home a treat to the eyes as well.

Add greenery: Who doesn’t like a bit of colour in a dull space? You can liven up any indoor space with a dash of greenery in it. You can add potted plants/hanging planters/potpourri in a vase on an empty shelf, a side table or any unused corner in your home.

They not only add colour to the room but also add a relaxing and refreshing vibe to it. There are many indoor plants like snake plant, peace lily, golden pothos, etc. that just require 4-6 hours of sunlight. However, if the weather conditions in your city don’t support indoor plants, you can go for artificial plants like the FEJKA series from IKEA.

Framed Art: You can give your personality to any plain wall in your home by hanging different photo frames, collages, clocks, mirrors, pictures quotes and posters. You can create an entire gallery wall or add only a few special ones to keep it simple yet stylish.

Remember, adding framed art is an inexpensive way to spruce up your home.

Decorative Accessories: When it comes to accessorizing, minimalism is key. Keep it sparse, and it won’t take away the comfort of your home. Use selective accessories that can be the focal point of the room. The OKÄND clear glass box can be a perfect centre piece with small memorable items in it.

Vases and bowls: To make a room unique, add your treasured objects like books, vases and bowls and showpieces.

Mirrors: Mirrors make a room look bigger, brighter and look visually appealing as well. If you already have mirrors, you can reposition them along with your art on a wall. If not, you can buy them in different shapes and sizes and create a collage of them on an empty wall. The MALMA, LUNDAMO, MATREDAL, etc., make for great wall accessories together and by themselves as well.

So, as the interior designer Mark Hampton says ‘Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room’ we believe that too. Nice decorations and comfort don’t clash. With small additions, your home is sure to stand out!

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