Parenting as a team

Parenting As A Team

When you go from being a couple to a threesome with the addition of a new baby, there are a host of changes and challenges that you need to face. Parenting a newborn is akin to a nonstop rollercoaster ride, and going it solo is not just difficult but unnecessary. Involving your partner, parents, in laws, extended family, friends and neighbors will not just ease the load off your shoulders but also bring them closer.

Taking care of a newborn can involve tasks like changing baby diapers and bathing that you may be unfamiliar with. Get some tips from experienced moms in your family before the baby makes an appearance so that you can tackle these tasks without stress. Involve your partner and other family members in choosing and selecting baby crib, furniture, baby toys and other things that you would need in the coming months.

Don’t feel that you have to do everything for the baby yourself. Let your partner participate equally in childcare so that they feel involved and bond with the baby as well. If one parent is the primary caregiver, the other can try work-from-home options to share the workload. This will also help nursing moms to catch up on their sleep and feel less exhausted.

While new parents focus on the baby duties, routine household tasks like cleaning and cooking can get neglected. However a cleanliness and hygiene is important, as are nutritious meals. Hiring a regular cleaning service or a meal delivery service can really help in the stressful initial months.

Fond grandparents, aunts and uncles are always eager to spend time with baby, and if you can schedule these visits at your convenience, you can run errands or catch up with friends. This will also get the baby accustomed to different caregivers, and is sure to help them get settled into daycare routines later.

Things that can take a back seat during baby’s first few months include exercise, planning your finances and spending time with your partner. While it is okay to let go a little when you have other priorities, remember that an occasional date night out can help you stay connected and catch up on everything other than the baby rhythm.

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