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Why Parents Emphasis on Living an Organised Life?

Mess makes us less focused. We often think it takes energy to be tidy but why waste time looking for stuff?” Reports say we can spend up to 55 minutes a day looking for things.

Well you have to find your own rhythm and go with it. When things are clean and ordered one gets  energised and feel happier. Here are few tips to bring some order to your home and get some precious time back.

Make space for everything- When everything has a place, it really is easier to find things and put them away! ‘Start with the base – a mix of open shelves, closed drawers, boxes, files and jars that feel right for all the different kinds of things you need to organise. Then personalise them with good-looking labels so everyone can get involved. You can keep it all white also if you find white calming.

Make the most of your space-store high and low- Turn overlooked spaces into storage for out-of-season items and things you rarely use. If you have less space then why not have shelves over doorways or up by the ceiling, or boxes under the bed? If you add wheels to the boxes and keep a step stool handy, everything stays easily accessible.

Encourage your children’s to be independent– Arrange your home to make it easy for them to help themselves, with lots of open storage so it’s easy to see what’s where.

Make design work for you- Try seeing instruction manuals as the starting point. Have fun with the things you bring home! Yes, follow the instructions but don’t be afraid to cut bits off or use bathroom things in the bedroom and bedroom things in the kitchen. Storage systems like STOLMEN can be your best friend – you can pick and mix bits to fit your life.

Keep favourites close to hand– Make cooking enjoyable and spontaneous by keeping all the things you use regularly within easy reach. A magnetic knife rack wall-mounted above the counter where you like to chop, or your favourite stirring spoons and whisking utensils stored next to the hob.

Be smart inside- Add interior fittings to drawers to match what you want to store. Drawers really make storage easy. ‘You can put each drawer for a specific use – breakfast things, spices, hot drinks… The key is adding internal dividers and boxes, so what’s inside doesn’t fall into a big mess.

Store ingredients in jars- Clear storage jars are great for making it easy to see where your ingredients are and exactly how much of them you have, saving you time when you’re cooking and writing shopping lists, and helping you to avoid buying groceries you already have.

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