Here’s how you can hack part sale

Here’s how you can hack part sale

Thinking of visiting IKEA for its part sale? Well, you have come to the right place! Here are a few quick hacks that will make your shopping experience a smooth sailing one. This includes making the most of your trip and coming back home with only items that you require, saving you the trouble of going back and returning things.

  1. Lists

    We cannot stress on this one enough. List down the items you really need. With the part sale in IKEA, prices will be great. You might come home to realize that you didn’t need more than half of the things you just bought. So, to avoid this scenario, make a detailed list of items needed. You can check the online store before your visit and make a list.

  2. Not so important items list

    Make another list of items that were not really needed in your home, but you loved them and wanted them anyway. The part sale is the best time to buy these things as they will now be available at slashed prices.

  3. Prioritise

    With great quality and even better pricing, IKEA has a knack for making everything look worth a buy. However, you need to prioritize what you need and buy just that. For this purpose, you can take one room at a time and plan what you need in each. By prioritizing items required in every room, you will have a thorough list of everything you need.

  4. Avoid rush hours

    IKEA will be too crowded on weekends with part sale. The best time to visit IKEA is on a weekday just an hour after 10am. You can scour the store peacefully and pick everything you need. If weekdays don’t work for you, then try going first thing in the morning on weekends to avoid peak hours.

  5. Know your aisle numbers

    You have your detailed list of items ready. Now, it’s time to make a note of the relevant aisle numbers. You will find this information online. You will save up on a lot of time if you have your aisle and article numbers jotted down from home. So, instead of scouring the store, you can directly head to the warehouse and pick all the items on your list from their aisles. Be careful while you pick up these things as you may choose the wrong colour or size in a jiffy.

  6. Take a break in the cafeteria

    You are bound to get tired and hungry in the middle of your shopping spree. So, take a breather, drink some hot chocolate or binge on some meatballs at IKEA Restaurant & Café and then start shopping again.

  7. Last but not the least, don’t go on the last day

    Please don’t wait until the last day of part sale to go shopping in IKEA. In the last few days, it’ll get too crowded, and you might end up buying things you didn’t need amidst all the chaos.

So, with all the tips mentioned above, we hope you have a great shopping experience in IKEA’s part-sale and come home happy, satisfied and with lots of much-needed furniture.

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