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Plan your home – Furniture and sofa additions that help you save space

It’s a pity that architects can’t take into consideration the requirements of prospective tenants when they design interiors. If they did, they’d be surprised to know that an apartment that was planned for two or four is often used to accommodate more than that number, especially when guests drop by. Nowhere is this more evident that the living room.

When it comes to living rooms, the first rule is that you need to have a place for all your guests to sit. No matter how good the relationship, it’s bound to sour soon if you leave your guests standing for long. And of course, you can’t think of sitting on the couch in shifts. The ideal scenario would be to have seating for everyone and this often requires some advance planning.

The couch is where it all begins. Most living rooms are not equipped to seat dozens of people unless you live in a mansion. Start with a suitably comfortable three seat couch. If you have space, you can go for a separate longue, armchairs or even an additional two seat sofa. However, when this is not possible, opt for a two-seat sofa and chaise longue. When you are with your family, you can stretch out on the chaise longue and when guests are over, it will easily seat a few people in a pinch. If you expect more guests to drop by often and want a cosier little seating arrangement, then choose 2 chaise lounges and armchair arrangement.  The semi-circular seating brings people together instantly and this can be easily placed in front of an entertainment area. Decorate the sofa with throws and cushions to make it more comfortable.

Chairs, stools, cushions and futons can be bought out to seat additional guests during a cosy gathering and returned to their respective places or folded away after the event. Don’t ignore corner spaces either. Place a seat that’s designed for the corner and you’ll be able to utilize that space as well. When no one is around, you can sit here for a bit of silent contemplation or reading.

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