Whether you’ve got a yard or a large balcony, creating a garden seems a rather expensive and time-consuming task, particularly in the region. But that’s not true! With just a little research and planning, you can have a wonderful green spot to chill out right in your own backyard.

Here are the main things you need to keep in mind.


Initially, you have to decide how big your garden will be, what kind of plants you want, and how to achieve all of this in a cost-effective manner.

If you have a huge yard or balcony, you first need to decide how much of this can be your garden. This would depend entirely on the time and finances you are willing to input.

A lawn can be a useful addition for creating the right ambience; save yourself time and money by opting for artificial grass for your lawn.

Gazebos, too, can be a useful investment; if furnished with care, it can become a wonderful spot to hang out – while hosting a party or with just your family.

If you have small children, a small sandpit would be a great hit with them.

Types of plants

A big garden area can be easily broken up into smaller areas. For example, with flowering trees or shrubs on the perimeters, and smaller plants forming an inner lawn.

You could also plan a water feature as the centre, or in one corner.

Here again, do your homework and go in for trees or plants that are easy maintenance for desert regions – plants that require very little water and can handle the heat, particularly in the summer.

Visit IKEA online to check out an extensive collection of pots and plant holders that will beautify your garden.


This is for those of you who have a big yard where you can plant trees. Native trees such as date palm and ghaf grow best here. Other trees that take root easily include neem and moringa.

All of these, except the ghaf, have edible fruits, vegetables or flowers that are good for health. All four of these trees also have medicinal value.


Flowering plants that can be grown easily include the money plant, frangipani, smoke bush, plumeria, and jasmine.

The money plant is very easy to grow and is an excellent indoor plant as well. It can even be grown in water-filled big vases or bottles, without any soil. When rooted in soil, it grows very well and can have enormous leaves.

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