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Planning New Year resolutions, the right way

It’s that time of the year again. And what a year this has been! As we enter 2021, all of us are busy thinking about our past resolutions – and how many times we broke them by February!

IKEA experts say: Writing it down in a diary is simply not enough anymore. There are, however, some tips that will help you ensure you stick to your resolutions this time around.

Here’s how:

Choose a realistic goal

  • We all think “I’ll get in shape this year!” or “I’m going to lose 20 kilos!” – but then it never happens. Why? Because that goal is too broad (and the food is amazing). So, instead of feeling that disappointment, set a realistic goal.
  • Go with small tasks, like “I’m going to get out of my bed a half-hour earlier than I used to” or “I will hit the gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.” Because you set small, realistic goals, it’s much easier for you to achieve them, and once you do, you’re inspired to do more.

Pick one resolution

  • Think of one thing you can do to make your life easier and happy: one thing you have been putting off for the longest time. Choose to do that thing for starters.
  • Picking one resolution will also help you focus your energy better. You can also choose to do more activities around this one goal, directing more time and effort.

Don’t wait

  • Don’t wait till the last minute to start on your resolutions. Instead, carefully plan how you intend to achieve this goal.
  • List what you need to and what obstacles will present themselves. Keep a resolution notepad just for this. This way, you’re aware of potential struggles and can plan ahead without waiting until the last minute.

Baby steps

  • Taking on too much will overwhelm you and is bound to make your resolution fail. Take small steps instead. When you do this, you build up a routine as well.
  • So, whether your goal is reading more books, practising your art more or redecorating your home – remember, baby steps.

Find a buddy

  • It’s easier when you have someone to achieve goals with! You can push each other along the journey and cheer each other up.
  • This is a great way to stay motivated, accountable and to make sure you don’t chicken out half-way!

It’s a process!

We often beat ourselves up when we fail, but remember: change is a process. You can’t get to the best version of you overnight or in a month. Allow yourself some slack, and keep trying!

All the best from us and everyone at IKEA!

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