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Play it safe: 4 ways IKEA toys guarantee child safety

One of our main design philosophies at IKEA is to ensure that everything we do combines form, function, safety and sustainability in the best way possible. The aim is to make life easier for everyone by providing safe, well-designed and affordable options – and nowhere is this more important than when it comes to children’s products.

All our children’s toys have been tested repeatedly to ensure they are 100% safe because, when it comes to the most important people in your world – your little ones – we can never be too careful.

Here are the 4 ways we ensure that your little one is never in any danger when playing with IKEA children’s toys.

No choking hazards

Young children are very curious and like to explore the world through touch, smell and taste. And it’s very common for them to place objects in their mouths – representing one of the biggest dangers: choking. But don’t worry! No IKEA toy has any parts that are small enough for a child to choke on – making sure that your little one can explore to their heart’s content and you can rest assured they are in no danger.

No toxic materials

Another hazard is toxic substances, which can cause harm through exposure to skin or when ingested. Again, all IKEA toys do not have harmful levels of toxic materials – another guarantee of safety.

No sharp edges, points or surfaces

Another way IKEA ensures your little ones are safe while playing is to make sure that all children’s toys don’t have any sharp surfaces, points or edges on which your child could possibly cut themselves or others.

Keep those fingers and toes safe

As your child grows, so do the size of the toys. And some of the bigger toys have larger moving parts. A common danger here is that your kid can get his or her fingers or toes jammed between such parts, causing injury. But not with IKEA: each of our toys is guaranteed to have moving parts designed in a way that no child can jam their fingers or toes between them.

In addition to all of these, testing for each toy begins before starting production and afterwards on a regular basis. Moreover, our experts regularly undertake risk assessments for our products during development and production to identify and remove potential hazards – so, no matter what, you and your loved ones will always be safe with IKEA!

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