Pro and Cons of Rectangle and Round Kitchen Islands

Pro and Cons of Rectangle and Round Kitchen Islands

In modern urban living, the kitchen has become a hub for multiple activities. It is no longer a place meant to churn out meals three times a day. Our day in kitchen starts with discussions, coffee, chit chat, phone calls, planning, homework, browsing, fixing drinks and of course cooking and tossing out dishes.

Islands are the best development trends in the recent years that have changed the complete appearance of the kitchen. Having a kitchen island gives a modern and contemporary touch to your cooking and dining area. A centre island table in a kitchen is the most brilliant way to provide storage and an extra counter top and work area in a space challenged kitchen.

An island table can either be round or rectangular depending on your kitchen area, architectural design, requirements and personal preferences.


A round kitchen island is a popular choice by homeowners today. The best benefit of a round island is that it provides the ease of being reachable from any side and is ideally suited for smaller kitchens.

Everyone sitting around is visible which makes it easy to strike conversations. Round Island gives more utilisation of space and extra work area. Also since there are no sharp edges so it’s less accident prone and ideal if you have kids and jumpy toddlers around.

However, a round table looks odd when there are very few or just two people in the house. Also a round island generally has a fixed number of seats and scope of extension is less if there are suddenly more guests in the house.


A rectangular island is a good choice for square, L shaped or rectangular kitchen. A rectangular island gels with the symmetry of your kitchen and looks proportionate.

Also because of its shape and dimension, a rectangular island can have more storage in the form of drawers, cabinets and shelves which makes it ideal for a kitchen with space constraint.

A rectangular island is ideal for seating 4 to 8 guests that are equidistant from each other, making the meal time conversations easy and relaxing.

If the number of guests increases you can always attach a makeshift square or a rectangular table to your island to make more room.

However, a rectangular island occupies more room and is fit only for a spacious kitchen.

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