Recliners – Textiles and Types for your living space

So, you’re finally settled, and your home looks good, but there’s that one thing missing, that ultimate piece of comfort we all long for, the one and only recliner! And here starts the bittersweet struggle on what type of recliner you want and what textile will best suit your house and lifestyle.
Let us guide you on the top differences between recliner textiles and how your home life can impact your choice, before moving onto choosing the best recliner type.
Recliner Textiles
When it comes to textile, we can differentiate three main types each destined to match with varied lifestyles.
Leather recliners
This type of textile is ideal when you are looking for low maintenance long lasting products. The leather feel is guaranteed to give you comfort allowing you to lounge for several hours.
Even though this recliner will add an undoubtable elegance to your room, it is important to keep in mind that the seats temperature will vary as per your weather, since it can get super-hot and sticky in high temperature areas and cold in air-conditioned areas.
Fabric equals practical. This textile provides ultimate comfort and is easy to clean with a simple duster or vacuum. These tight-woven fabric recliners are ideal if you have a pet around the house as they resist to scratches.
This synthetic textile will give you the look of genuine leather combined with a comfortable cushioning for hours of seating. It is a quite popular option as it gathers value and elegance with practicality as it is easy to clean.
Our Recliner Type picks
Once you’ve got your recliner textile set, it is time to choose the type you want that best suits your living space. We can easily say there are more than 10 types of recliners, but here are our top 3 picks.
Rocker Recliner
A recliner that is comfortable no matter how used, is a rocker recliner, as it allows you to sit in ultimate comfort and enjoy that rocking soothing feeling. It is normally used in bedrooms, small places, or kids’ bedrooms as well as it can provide the mother with the best seat to rock her baby to sleep.

Riser Recliner
This type of recliner is normally motorized and allows your seat to lift upwards. It is ideal for spacious living rooms as it can provide ultimate comfort for elders while simply watching the television or enjoying a relaxed afternoon.

Wall Hugger Recliner
The ultimate space saver, a wall hugger is designed to be space efficient as it is placed inches away from the wall. It works on pushing the chair forward and then tilting the back. If you have small studio apartment or just a small space, this recliner is ideal for you as it doesn’t take up much space.
Adding a recliner will be a great investment in embellishing your house, but don’t forget to add your final decorative touches to it to make it an integral part of your home.

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