Want to revamp your bedroom this summer? Here’s your checklist

Few Ideas to Revamp Your Bedroom This Summer

Revamping the bedroom usually takes a backseat because we are busy taking care of other areas in our home, like the living or dining room, where we entertain our guests. But with summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to revamp the bedroom. So, here is a quick checklist that will help you in your bedroom makeover quest.

List of everything: Make a note of every item, however big or small, in your bedroom. This will help you get an idea of things you already have, things you need and things that need a replacement. You don’t change your bed or wardrobe every now and then. But you can throw in a few colourful cushions or add a new coffee table for an instant facelift.

Make a budget: To not go overboard, it works best to set aside a fixed budget. So, when you go furniture shopping, you only buy the things you need and not every other item on display.

Brainstorm: This is a major step in the revamping process. Summer spells vibrancy and colour. So, browse online for different ideas and trends for spring/summer 2017. Yes, it can get confusing to choose ideas for your bedroom with so much material available online. But remember, your bedroom speaks volumes about you. So, it should only reflect your personality. Whether your style is simple and classy or colourful and dramatic, it should reflect in your room.

The size of your room: Have a clear idea of the area of your room. You can measure and note down the entire square feet area and keep it handy when you are shopping for furniture and accessories. This way you can place every piece of new furniture nicely, and the room still has breathing space.

Furniture: As per the size of your room, choose the furniture. Discard and replace old furniture that is chipped or broken. We would advise you to stick to bare minimum furniture as too much can make your room look cluttered. You should have enough walking space in your bedroom. Also, if you are buying new furniture go for multipurpose ones. For, e.g., go for a wardrobe with a mirror that suffices the need for a dresser. IKEA’s PAX and BRUSALI wardrobes come with full sized mirrors and multi-storage units. They look great and are pocket-friendly too.

Accessories: Follow the rule of less is more when it comes to accessories. Have photo frames, artwork, decorative items, or things that will induce sleep and not make it difficult for you to sleep at night.

So, without spending a fortune, you can revamp your bedroom this summer and make it the most inviting room of your home.

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