Simple tips to boost your energy levels during Ramadan

As we enter into the Holy Month, our focus will shift inwards, aiming for spiritual and mental reflection and relaxation. However, it is important to maintain our energy levels throughout the day, especially for those who are fasting.

Here are some simple tips that will help you keep your energy levels high through the day.


Apart from the fasting, an integral part of the Holy Month is the food that you consume. Start your day off right – eat a wholesome Suhoor meal to kick-start your morning.

A simple bowl of oatmeal, fresh fruits and yoghurt will see you with high energy throughout the day, say the experts at IKEA.

Starchy, high-fibre or wholegrain foods – porridge, breakfast cereals, couscous or rice – help you feel fuller and aid digestion.

While breaking your fast for Iftar, exercise your will power and stick to traditional foods such as dates and water. If necessary, add a light soup or a bowl of salad.

Eat a healthy meal following Maghrib prayers, but do not overeat. You can consume a light meal after Taraweeh if you do not yet feel full.

Dried fruits and nuts such as raisins, walnuts, almonds and dates are power foods. Add them to your diet as they provide you with the much-needed energy, vitamins, and minerals.


Staying hydrated is very important, so you must avoid salty and spicy foods, as well as diuretic beverages.

An inviting carafe of cool lemon water before fasting or a freshly brewed pot of herbal tea to rejuvenate you after, are great initiatives to stay hydrated.


Sleep well; too little or too much rest can both bring down your energy levels.

Try to maintain sleep patterns; going to bed immediately after Taraweeh will help you wake up refreshed for Suhoor.

A power nap during the day – if possible – will also work wonders. Make sure you have an ergonomically designed and comfy mattress – IKEA has loads of products you can check out if you think it’s time for an upgrade.


It is very tempting to forego exercise completely during Ramadan, but a totally sedentary lifestyle can actually make you feel more tired.

Some gentle activity is necessary even if you are fasting. A short walk after Suhoor will keep you energetic for the rest of the day.

Mini workouts during the day – while taking a break from your desk – will also help.

With these simple tips, you’re guaranteed to sail through the Holy Month with ease.

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