Simple tips to choose bedroom furniture

With online and offline stores overflowing with numerous options, choosing the perfect furniture for bedrooms is a lot harder now than it was before. The bedroom is not only a place to sleep, but also a relaxing zone where you would love to curl up and read a book or watch movies with your loved ones. While choosing bedroom furniture, you need to consider a lot of factors, depending on your lifestyle, space available, family size and personal preferences.

To simplify things we have listed down a few quick guidelines to run through while buying bedroom furniture:

Size matters

In space starved urban living conditions the most important element to consider is the size of the room. Even before you consider going shopping, take a measuring tape and mark down the measurements. A huge King size bed would look completely cramped and crowded in room that is not very big. Similarly, while choosing the dressers and wardrobes, you need to be sure about the space you will be left with, after pushing the bed in.

Storage needs

While the bedroom should look good and vibrant, it should also meet your storage needs to keep all the nasty clutter at bay. If you lack a good closet space, opt for a bed that offers under bed storage system. You can also choose removable under storage drawers depending on the space available under the bed. Similarly, to create more storage space, a chest of drawers and a night stand with pull out drawers is definitely worth spending some extra money on.

Colour schemes

Colours have the power to add zing and splash to a dull room decor. Your bedroom furniture colour should go well with the colour of the floor and the wardrobes. Dark wood tones can match any flooring, as can a black and white colour scheme. If you have a carpet installed in the room, it’s crucial that the furniture you choose should blend with the carpet shade.

A Style stamp

You spend some of the most intimate and best moments of your life in a bedroom. It should therefore, define your style, personality and uniqueness. While choosing furniture for your bedrooms, stick to a style that not only complements your personality but also blends well with your existing home decor.

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