Staying in touch with friends

Staying In Touch With Friends

Friends often feel ignored by new parents who suddenly have other priorities, and no time to talk or venture out. It is true that parenting a newborn can be a daunting task, however staying in touch with friends and family is important too, and can help in so many ways.

There are so many questions that new parents have about their baby, and running to the doctor each time is impractical and unnecessary. A quick call or SMS to an experienced friend can help ease those tiny but troublesome worries, and result in a quick solution to a dilemma.

Even parents need to get away every now and then, and who better to call for a coffee date or lunch out than a close pal. An afternoon at the spa with a dear friend, catching up and relaxing can work wonders. These slices of time that you spend away from your baby can help you keep things in perspective and let out stress by sharing your feelings.

If you have other friends with babies, then forming a group that meets regularly can be a great idea. This can help new moms to voice their problems and concerns in a friendly, nurturing environment. You can even walk or exercise together while the little ones play with baby toys. Soon this will become an activity that you and your baby look forward to.

Friends with no experience of babies can feel out of sync when they find that all your time is taken up in childcare. Spending quality time with them can really help you to remember what life was like before the baby was born, and that life has gone on outside while you were cocooned in your little world.

Don’t shy away from requesting help from friends and family, especially in the initial few days. A home-cooked meal, an hour of babysitting, help with tidying up baby toys, arranging the nursery furniture, running errands or doing your grocery shopping for you are some of the ways that good friends can pitch in and help you stay sane and relaxed, even with a new baby.

Bringing up a baby alone can be little overwhelming. You can pump in some fun and excitement by roping in your buddies in your baby duties. Not only will you get to spend more time with them during the process, but it will ensure a special bonding between your kids and your pals!!

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