Storage Solutions for your home-2

Storage Solutions for your home

A place for everything and everything in its place! A well organized home is a delight to live in; it brings a sense of peace and equilibrium to its inhabitants. An important, but often neglected element of home design is planning adequate storage for precious belongings. Whether your space is a sprawling mansion or a cramped apartment, it is likely that a few creative storage solutions will help get your personal assets neatly organized.

Foyer – This is the best place for a flexible storage system that can store outdoor use items like umbrellas, shoes, jackets and caps. A shoe cabinet, hat stand and clothes rack will get this space in shape and keep it tidy. Sporting gear and outdoor supplies can also be kept here for easy access.

Living space – Wall mounted display cabinets and shelves look modern and stylish, and leave the floor clear for furniture. A roomy sideboard will safely house glasses, crockery and dining linens. Look for coffee tables with shelves underneath to keep books and remote controls at arm’s reach. Footstools with storage inside can be used for stowing away extra cushions.

Kitchen – Kitchen islands and trolleys are always recommended as space-savers. But the best way to clear up those cabinets is to add a large, open-shelved pantry that keeps your ingredients organized and in clear view.

Bedroom – If your wardrobe is overflowing, you may want to think about adding a chest of drawers which can hold smaller items. Under-the-bed storage boxes that can be rolled out of sight are a must-have for storing infrequently used items. A trendy bench is often a smart addition to the bedroom – look for one that comes with storage space under the seat.

Outdoors – This is an often-overlooked space that can be converted into a utility area by placing a weatherproof cabinet to store all kinds of items.

Look around your home with a fresh, practical approach and you may find spots where a corner shelf or cabinet can fit in snugly. Those days spent searching for misplaced items and having clutter underfoot will soon be a thing of the past!

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