Stylish Bookshelf Ideas for Your Home or Office

If you are a book lover, then you know the joy of arranging and rearranging your beloved bookshelves with every passing mood and season. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing your books lined up – whether by color, genre or author.

A big part of getting your collection to look good is the type of bookshelf you choose, and what else you add to the shelves. Curated by IKEA’s design mavens, here are four stylish bookshelf ideas, one for each type of room.

Kids’ Room Bookshelf

A quick and easy stylish transformation for your kids’ bookshelf is to add some pretty patterned curtains to them.

Not only does it add a touch of quaint charm, but it also makes it super easy to hide a messy bookshelf – let’s face it, you can’t expect your kids to keep back their books in the order you arranged them.

Get creative with the fabric you choose – rainbow-coloured crepe for a vibrant touch, a llama-print to match eclectic décor choices or classic floral prints for your daughter.

IKEA has vast collections in various materials and textures you can explore.

Living Room Bookshelf

IKEA designers say you can never go wrong with metallic touches in the living room.

Think of painting a metal rack in gold and artfully displaying your books next to your TV.

Add some matching gold-themed knick-knacks alongside the books to complete this classy, modern idea!

Alternatively, you can also pick shades of copper, silver or rose gold to get a similar effect.

Master Bedroom Bookshelf

A stylish way to upgrade the bookshelf in your master bedroom is to add patterned wallpaper to the insides of the shelves.

It’s a quick weekend project you can involve the whole family in. It can even be a relaxing way for you to get some “me time”.

Make sure you put some thought into how you rearrange your books afterwards. One way is to alternate horizontal and vertical piles to avoid a cluttered look.

Entertainment Area Bookshelf

A chic way to redo your lived-in family entertainment area is to give all your cabinets a fresh coat of white paint. This instantly brightens a room and adds a very modern, clean look.

You can then combine earth-toned shelves where you can keep your books, and add earthy or neutral-hued décor elements in strategic positions.

This idea is a double whammy – it gives you a redecorated room and an inventive new way to display your books!

These simple ideas allow you to add a beautiful bookshelf to any room in your house. Happy reading!

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