Many of us have lived in the region for years and are pros at beating the heat. But others may not be so savvy. That’s why we’ve curated some top tips from the experts at IKEA on how to stay cool this summer for the newbies. HINT: There might be some new tricks for the region’s pros too.

Darken your windows

  • When the temperatures rise, that is your cue to switch to heavy dark curtains – or, if you’re feeling fancy, electrochromic windows, which are the latest in this space.
  • The more heat that enters your building the more is the burden on your air-conditioner, shooting up your energy bills.
  • It is considered advisable to maintain the AC at a constant of 24°C, the ideal temperature for the human body.

Stay hydrated

  • Sometimes, within the air-conditioned comfort of our homes, we forget to drink enough water.
  • When temperatures are high, consuming at least 5 litres of water a day would be great, but getting at least 2.5 to 3 litres is desirable.
  • Have a water bottle at your table, in easy view. This acts as a reminder to consume the necessary fluids.

Exercise with caution

  • If you get your exercise by walking or jogging, make sure that you do it either early in the morning or after the sun sets.
  • Carry a bottle of water with you; you do not want to collapse of a heatstroke.
  • If possible, change to water sports in summer for your fitness regime. Swimming is a great way to burn the calories and exercise all your muscles.

Lawn hacks

  • If you are having a tough time getting your children to stay inside, investing in a gazebo, inflatable pools, and fun water sprinklers may be a good idea.
  • For an added cool touch, put up a portable air-conditioner in your gazebo.

Indoor tips

  • Plants bring in a fresh and cool touch to interiors; a water feature (or indoor fountain) adds a touch of class while bringing down temperatures by a degree or two.
  • Or you could always dig up and clean an old big utensil of brass or glass, fill it with water and leave in the corner of a room for a touch of old-world elegance.

Instant cooler

  • If you are out in the sun and cannot find a way to cool down, an old trick is to apply a wet towel around your neck or wrap a wet piece of cloth around your wrists.
  • This helps in bringing down body temperature immediately.

Stay safe and hydrated this summer!

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