Taking Care of your wooden furniture

There is a certain rustic charm about wood that gives your house a feel of luxury, warmth and elegance. Once you buy fine quality wooden furniture, it becomes a challenge to maintain and take proper care to ensure its long life and good looks. Here are a few expert tips for to take care of your wooden furniture so that it stays beautiful and shining for a long time.

Wood comes in multiple finish, configuration, styles and composition. Before adopting any maintenance routine for your wooden furniture you should be well versed with the nature and properties of the wood you own and the type of surface you need to maintain and take care of. When you buy the furniture it is important to read about the product details, user’s manual, routine care instructions and tips that come along with the product. Each wood is unique and needs a different treatment.

Dusting your wooden furniture is the first step towards taking care of it on a daily basis. It helps to keep the upper surface bright and shining without much effort. Use a soft cloth while dusting to avoid scratch and stains. If dry dusting does not work then use a mild soap solution or just warm water to soak the cloth and clean the surface. Once it is done, wipe with a soft dry cloth to dry absorb all the moisture.

Protect your wood from direct exposure to sunlight and heat. Even the best and the safest woods have the tendency of fading out when exposed to harsh heat and sunlight for a longer period of time. If your furniture is placed close to a window, use thick curtains or drapes to protect them from direct sun. Also avoid placing hot utensils or pots directly on the wooden table top to protect its finish and lustre.

Keep the wood dry. Protecting your wood from moisture is necessary as most type of woods tend to peel off, fade and warp if it remains wet for extended period of time. Quickly wipe up any spill to avoid stains and lasting damage to the wood.

Apart for these dos and don’ts and a good cleaning routine, you also need to get your furniture wax polished at least twice a year to maintain the lustre, shine and ensure a longer life span!

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