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The Anatomy of a Perfect Bathroom

For some people, bathrooms are a sanctuary where they can unwind and relax. For others, it’s a space to finish what needs to be done as comfortably as possible before they can move on with their day.

Whatever the case, when planning your bathroom, keep in mind how much space is available and what you really need. Then, let IKEA’s range of trendy and affordable products do the rest.

Whether you’re setting it up for two or for a family with kids and the elderly, think about how busy it can get in the mornings. Marrying beauty with functionality is the key and here are some quick things to consider.

  1. Consider a dual wash basin

    to help save time.

    A pedestal or wall-mounted washstand is a great solution if you’ve got space constraints.

    One with cabinets can make life easier and give your bathroom a hotel-like feel.

  2. To maximise space and avoid clutter

    on the floor, get various organizers to suit your choice from our extensive bathroom collection.

    Try a combination of floating shelves and wall cabinets to give your bathroom a sophisticated look. This will ensure accessories are easily accessible to everyone while ensuring it doesn’t appear cluttered.

  3. A shower or a bathtub?

    Showers are faster when you’re in a rush, while a bathtub is good for a relaxing soak.

    If you want both, an integrated shower and tub will work best.

    A glass shower enclosure will make your bathroom easier to maintain.

    But if you have a small space, shower curtains work perfectly to ensure privacy.

  4. Natural light in the bathroom

    is obviously desirable, but sometimes not possible.

    Lighting is of importance though, so, a combination of overhead lights, recessed or pendant, and task lighting at the mirror area is essential.

  5. Tiles are an integral part

    of the bathroom.

    So, opt for smooth and glossy tiles for walls and avoid slipping with non-skid tiles for the floor.

    Strategically placed grab bars or rails around the shower or bathtub are a good idea too, especially in a family bathroom.

    Try to pick colours that are easy to maintain and make your bathroom look bigger, such as pastels and whites.

    Or go bold by tiling one wall with a darker colour to add some zing.  You could also just accessorise with colours while keeping the walls and floor all white!

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