kids halloween party ideas


Adults may like scary movies and zombie-themed Halloween parties, but young kids prefer fun more than horror. Your kids might like going from door to door to trick-or-treat or having a fun little costume party with their friends where they can play games.

So here is your ultimate checklist, from IKEA, for hosting that perfect Halloween party!

1. Invitations

Let the parents of your little one’s friends know what the party is all about.

Make sure to mention all details and have a description of the theme in the invitations.

Choose friendly images and get your kids involved in making the invites!

You can use beautiful rubber stamps, or simply print them after designing them online using fun little Halloween clip art.

2. Decorations

Decorations for Halloween parties form a good chunk of the fun to be had!

The kids are going to have an amazing time creating centrepieces for tables, making garlands and decorating the front of the house.

Instead of buying ungainly plastic animals, you can create your own with webs and decorative paper.

3. Food

You don’t want to overdo the food, but you also want your kids to enjoy it as much as possible.

You can get creative with different treats, creating desserts and dishes that match the theme.

You can make creative drinks as well, even if it’s just soda or punch, and pour them into fun mugs.

4. Costumes

The best part of the party, and most likely your kids’ favourite part, will be getting the costumes ready.

Take your kids to a craft store or costume store and let them get creative with their ideas.

They can be anything for Halloween: the options and ideas are endless.

A little DIY will also let you create amazing outfits that they’d love to wear.

5. Activities

After everyone has shared spooky pleasantries and eaten all the treats, make sure you keep the party going with some fun games.

You can set up homemade carnival games, board games or even simple party games for kids that will get them squealing with excitement.

6. Treat bags

Everyone likes to leave parties with some goodies, especially kids. So, give the little ones something to remember the day by.

Stuff little goodie bags with lots of candy, in keeping with the Halloween spirit, and add a little gift if possible.

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