Christmas is almost upon us! Which means it’s time to go shopping for the important people in your life, kids and adults alike. But what can really set your gifts apart from the many others that they will receive this festive season?


When it’s hard-earned money you’re spending, you want to make sure what you buy is thoughtful and memorable, and, most importantly, useful to the people you’re buying it for.

Here are some thoughtful gifting ideas for your loved ones, courtesy IKEA, veering away from the run-of-the-mill toys and tee-shirts.

1. Gift A Hobby

  • For kids who like to doodle, consider coloured pencils or an easel. You can even gift them a subscription or coupon to drawing classes that’ll hone their talent.
  • Similarly, if you know someone who likes to cook, gift him or her a masterclass with the chef at your local five-star hotel.
  • Gifts like these can be as inexpensive or expensive as you choose, and the recipeint – child or adult – will talk about it and remember it for years to come.

2. GIft a Game

  • This is more for little ones because, with children, there truly is no greater gift than the gift of your attention and time.
  • So, pick your favourite game and gift it to them, then pick a day to teach them how to play it and maybe have a few rounds of the game after, as a bonus!
  • You will be their favourite person in the world by the end of it, we promise.

3. Stuff People Can Really Use

  • A lot of times, gifts are just ornaments or trinkets that have no real function. And we definitely all have some such gifts lying around, gathering dust.
  • So, if you’re someone who doesn’t like to receive such gifts, why not give something that’s actually useful?
  • This can range from gardening tools and accessories for people who love the outdoors, baking classes or bakeware for the budding pastry chefs, or even multi-functional furniture for friends who have smaller spaces.

4. Personalised Gifts

  • One sure way to make anyone smile is to gift them something personalised – with their name, birth date or zodiac sign on it.
  • It adds a touch of sweetness and personalised gifts are so easily available today!
  • You can personalise anything from a tee-shirt to shoes to a cheese board – all you have to do is a quick search online.

Happy gifting!

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