It’s nearly the end of winter now, and the weather will begin to heat up soon. The summer season marks the time for vacations, fun activities, and so much more.

At IKEA, we always believe it’s never too early to plan for summer – and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Here are some tips on the best ways to get ready for summer.

  1. Plan Now

    Summertime is the time for vacations, but booking things last minute is the worst thing you can do.

    For one, costs are higher for everything, especially when it comes to flights and hotels in the summer when everyone is travelling.

  2. Ditch the Technology

    Sure, sitting on the couch binge-watching series all summer might sound promising, but what stories can you tell with that?

    Ditch the tech for a while and plan for activities and trips that keep all your senses engaged. If you absolutely have to, carry the bare minimum tech in your travel bag.

  3. Take a Family Trip

    It’s a very rare opportunity to get everyone to go on a family trip due to conflicting schedules, but if you plan well ahead and give everyone a heads up, you can make it happen.

    Plan out an itinerary and hand it to your family members so that they know which days to take off for the summer. Sorting out where to go can be a great family activity too.

  4. Volunteer Your Time

    Doing something you love while also helping someone is one of the best ways to spend summer.

    Whether it’s for an hour or day or 8 hours, everything you do has an impact. Reach out to your local community centre or charity and find out how you can help this summer.

  5. Travel on Tuesdays

    Travel gurus and IKEA’s in-house experts have gathered that Tuesdays are the best for booking flights and hotels at a reasonable price.

    This not only lets you get a good price, but helps you avoid surges of crowds that are all rushing to the same destination.

  6. Stay Healthy

    It’s super easy to get swept away in the excitement of summer and everything that is happening around you. But do remember that our bodies react to the heat differently than they do throughout the rest of the year.

    So, make sure you have all your vitamins and some healthy treats in a snack box ready, and make it a goal to keep yourself hydrated throughout the trip.

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