Tips for Kids Friendly Bathrooms

Tips for Kids Friendly Bathrooms

A sparkling clean, well-lit and fresh-smelling bathroom is what we all wish for in our homes. Most bathrooms however, are not really designed with children in mind. Neither is this an easy task because you would not want to renovate your bathroom constantly as your child grows. Still, there are several ways to make going to the bathroom easy, comfortable and safe for your child.

Start bathroom training for your baby with a small, portable children’s toilet that is easy to clean, and does not slide around when the child is using it. Once baby outgrows this you can move them to a toilet seat that fits over a regular toilet so that the child feels safe when perched on it.

A secure stool is a must in any child’s bathroom, especially for reaching up to the sink. Provide a quirky toothbrush holder and soap dish or dispenser on the counter for easy access. If possible, hang a low storage cabinet for the child at their height so that they can put away their things on their own. But for medicines and cleaning products it is best to invest in a high, lockable storage cabinet for safety.

To store the child’s towels, bath toys and toiletries, use a low bench with a shelf below it, open shelves, large baskets or a stool with storage underneath. Another practical option is a metal wire basket that can hang off the wall at the child’s height using suction cups.

Good habits are best started early. An attractive towel rack with large knobs hung at a low level will encourage the immediate hanging up of clothes and towels. A laundry cabinet or sorting-bins will help the child learn to separate whites and colors. Kids love pedal bins and are sure to dispose of their trash properly when one of these is around.

Keeping accessories small and easy to reach for is the smartest way to a kid-friendly bathroom. Make the bathroom a cozy and convenient place for your child by using bright colors, unfussy design and innovative décor with plenty of kid-appeal.

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