Tips To Buy Utensils For Healthy Food Cooking

Tips To Buy Utensils For Healthy Food Cooking

It seems like every morning there is a scary report in the newspapers about chemicals and toxins leaching into our food from the cookware that we use. With so much misinformation on social media, ambiguity in product labeling, unscrupulous advertising and marketing gimmicks around, it is hard to make smart and healthful choices, when it comes to kitchen equipment. Here are some tips that will help –

Nonstick cookware is ideal to cook healthy food with minimal fats. However, while buying non-stick cookware, you should look for well-made pans where the nonstick coating will not leach into the food at high temperatures. A heavy pan with a hardwearing coating will not burn easily, reducing the risks greatly.

High grade stainless steel is a very safe and affordable option when it comes to cookware. These pans are easy to cook in, and maintain. Avoid scouring with abrasive materials since this can damage the finish and may lead to the transfer of other minerals into the food.

Cast Iron skillets and steel pans with enameled interiors, may look old fashioned to many. But these are extremely safe choice, low maintenance and easy to use. More and more people are switching to these, as they are a better and chemical free options, when compared to non-stick pans.

For bakeware the best options are good quality nonstick pieces, stoneware, stainless steel, glass and silicone. Silicone and non-stick make it really easy to release the baked goods from the pan and are a breeze to clean. Stoneware and glass have the added advantage of being very safe and good looking enough to go from the oven to the table.

Go for cutting boards made with hardwearing plastic, or bamboo and other sustainable wood. Ensure plastics do not contain the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) that can leach into food, causing health problems.

A set of glass containers with lids is a smart choice for storing leftovers. These can go from the refrigerator right to the microwave for reheating. Avoid using any plastic containers in the microwave and do not place these in the dishwasher either.

Always opt for good-quality, heavy duty cookware, so that every meal that you serve your family is truly healthy and wholesome!

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