Your living room is where quality time is spent and special memories are made. Designing it to be an awesome entertainment area is a sure-fire way of guaranteeing that both family and guests enjoy time spent in your home.

At IKEA, we believe in creating just such spaces, with the focus on bringing together people of all ages and personalities.

Here are 4 tips which will ensure that your entertainment area is the knock-their-socks-off kind.

  1. Design it for everyone

    • Creating a room that is multifunctional in nature is essential since it’s going to be used by both children and adults.
    • Have a flexible design in mind, with a number of seating options or activity areas for people of all ages to engage in. For example, you could place a comfortable chaise lounge or armchair and coffee table with a bookshelf full of novels and board games for adults and children on one side.
    • The rest of the room could feature a home theatre system with comfy sofas. It’s all about getting the most out of your space so everyone can enjoy themselves.
  2. Add some mood lighting

    • Having bright lights for a children’s get-together is a must, but so is dim lighting for a movie night with family or friends.
    • Get creative with lighting so that it can be changed according to the mood you want to set. This can be achieved by pairing two or three lighting options with varying degrees of intensity.
    • IKEA’s vast range of smart lighting products is great for such mix-and-match arrangements.
  3. Make it inviting and cosy

    • As an oft-used room, it’s important to make sure it’s welcoming for all. Wood furniture with plush sofas is a pairing that never fails.
    • Walls with deep or rich colours, such as ochre and teal, for example, with accents of complementing colours create a feeling of comfort and lavishness, which will be highly appreciated.
  4. Noise proof the space

    • Introduce sound-absorbing elements so your neighbours aren’t disturbed by those high-energy karaoke nights.
    • Heavy curtains with carpeted floors or rugs are great not only from a decorating perspective, but are also good for acoustics, as they absorb sound and also improve the quality of sound within the room. Bound to make horror movie nights even better!

We hope these tips will help you create a knockout entertainment area that’ll be at the centre of many a memorable evening.

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