Smaller homes and apartments often come with the unattractive feature of a windowless bathroom, often leaving owners at a loss as to how to brighten it up.

The lack of natural light in the bathroom may make it seem dreary and dingy. Overcoming the issue is made easy by our experts at IKEA, whose philosophy of making products that are artfully coupled with functionality is a boon when it comes to working on such spaces.

Follow these simple tips to make a windowless bathroom bright and stylish.

Lights on!

  • Depending on the size of the room and the style you are going for, lighting plays a major role in illuminating and setting the tone.
  • While overhead lighting is important, smaller additions like lamps or candles can also work magic on the décor.
  • IKEA’s diverse collection of lamps, lighting, and candles can help set the tone for your bathroom.
  • Try warm yellow lighting and a few well-placed wall lamps, to up the ante.

For the love of mirrors

  • Mirrors are an essential in every bathroom, so why not have some fun?
  • When you’re dealing with a windowless bathroom, a large mirror becomes indispensable, as it creates the illusion of more space. This is especially true if the mirror extends all the way to the floor or till the rim of the wash basin.
  • An interesting-looking mirror with a nice frame can also jazz up your bathroom by adding a nice focal point, making the room seem larger and less dull.

Colour happy

  • Another way to brighten up the bathroom – or any space – would be to use colour.
  • If you want to make your bathroom seem more spacious and airy, putting a light colour or even white on your walls is recommended.
  • Or you could try something striking and go for a vivid look, with bold patterns and vibrant tones. The aim here is to make you forget all about the lack of a window.

Small mercies

  • Accessories such as a handrail or knobs for hanging essentials are functional accompaniments that will also help take the focus off your bathroom’s negative aspects.
  • A fresh bouquet of flowers – or even artificial plants – will do the trick when it comes to brightening up and breathing life into the space.

Small accessories, plants, and other products you can find in IKEA’s collection are additions that promise to make your bathroom appear stylish, breezy, and a lot more you.

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