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Tips to Take Care of your Leather Upholstery

Leather upholstery has always been an extremely popular and well-liked choice when it comes to furniture, clothing, and even accessories. Leather upholstery is a fundamental component of your home’s furniture. It instantly adds a sense of uniqueness and charm to your interior. When adding a leather furniture piece to your space, this means that you now have the obligation to keep it clean and spotless. This can be a bit tricky because it is necessary that you seek professional help when it comes to cleaning leather! Let us show you how this can be possible…

How to Keep Your Leather Upholstery in Good Condition:

Leather has the ability to fade out and crack when it is placed near the heat. So, our first advice would be to place your leather couch away from fireplaces or areas that get direct sunlight. Also, it is normal for dust to accumulate. In that case, you could always use a lint roller to remove dust and fluff, and even animal hairs if you are a pet owner, from your furniture. It is also possible to vacuum along the bottom of your couch when you clean its surface. That way, you will ensure that it remains clean.

How to Keep Your Leather Upholstery Away from Scratches & Stains:

There is going to come a day when you spill something on your couch – and it is totally normal! In case you spill something, directly use a dry cloth and blot on the spilled area (do not wipe!) and let it air-dry. It is important that you never use harsh detergents and soaps or soak the spilled area with water. That will do more harm than good!
Additionally, it is advisable to avoid using sharp objects near leather sofas as they have the tendency to scratch very easily. If you find minor scratches, you can gently wipe the area with your fingers, or you can try blotting a dry cloth with a little amount of distilled water on the scratch.
Avoid dyes as leather can absorb it very easily and it will close to impossible to remove!
Remember! This advice does not only go for leather sofas. In case you own one of our upholstered beds or upholstered bed frames, the above applies too!

Consider Investing in Extra Protection!

It is always recommended that you invest in extra protection for your leather pieces as they are timeless pieces, and it would be unfortunate if they end up in bad condition! This is highly advisable if you own pets too. You can find sprays, water proofers, and even natural oils to protect your leather.
Here are some tips on how you can protect and take care of your leather upholstery. It may seem like quite the effort, but trust us, all it needs is for you to be cautious and attentive when you are around your leather! It is worth it!
Happy protecting!

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