A teenager’s room is mostly an apartment compacted into one, as they tend to do almost everything in there.

An important thing to remember when designing a teenager’s room is to let it be an expression of themselves, say the experts at IKEA. It’s also probably a good idea to get them involved, so you don’t create something they don’t like.

Here are some easy tips to follow:

  1. Wonder Walls:

    Walls always define how a room looks and what you should get for space. Paint the walls with a bright color or invest in removable wall decals – this is probably the better option, as the walls will most likely get covered with posters anyway.

    Wallpaper is another great way to bring a fun and cozy environment to the room.

    IKEA recommends you try an accent wall too: that way, you won’t have to go all out on all the walls and yet bring in that “wow” factor.

  2. Cozy comfort:

    This could be any part of the room, but make sure to create a space, preferably a corner, where your teenagers can cozy up and get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to read, listen to music or even catch up with a friend.

    Think a fun hanging chair or a plush little couch (if you have space) or a window seat. This is also a great space for them to show off, so perhaps get a neon sign or a statement piece that is versatile and playful.

  3. World of work:

    Late-night study sessions will be aplenty, so make sure your teen is comfortable while doing homework every night.

    A simple setup of a desk, a good lamp and a comfortable chair do the trick. The wall above the table can acquire its own life with a piece of artwork, or even a memory board or shelves where they keep their collectables on display.

  4. Lights out:

    The bed is the main star of any room, so make sure to invest in some new bedding that will upgrade your teen’s room almost instantly.

    Start with a duvet cover in a bright or pastel shade, and then layer on with covers and pillows that match.

    Make sure to purchase bedding that is comfortable and is made of a material that will not disrupt your teen’s health or sleep in any way. Pillows and throws are a must as well!

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